Betsy DeVos – Making a Change through Charitability

Elizabeth “Betsy” DeVos is one of the most famous philanthropists in the United States of America. She is the current Secretary of Education because she was elected by President Donald Trump. Betsy DeVos was born in 1858 in the town of Holland, Michigan. There, she studied at the private Holland Christian High School. Her parents are Elsa and Edgar Prince. They are very leading entrepreneurs that have amassed billions through successful investments and company ownership. They are also philanthropists who have donated more than $45 million to a variety of charitable causes.

Their daughter Elizabeth “Betsy” DeVos is now an experienced businesswoman, a well-known philanthropist and the Secretary of Education of the United States. She has been a significant contributor to political campaigns and a supporter of the art and education in America. In fact, Betsy DeVos is an invaluable part of the Foundation for Excellence in Education. She has raised billions of dollars in order to support different causes. Betsy DeVos has helped people change their lives through her philanthropy work.

Elizabeth DeVos supported George Bush during his re-election campaign in 2004 by raising approximately $150 000 to donate. She has also helped multiple fundraising events one of which was in her hometown Holland, Michigan. Elizabeth has been a supporter of the Republicans for many years. She Used To Be the finance chairperson for the National Republican Senatorial Committee for about two years. Elizabeth has also been an integral part of many projects that have had to do with politics and fundraising. Elizabeth has donated more than 18 million dollars the Republican political party.

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Elizabeth DeVos and her husband Richard ”Dick” DeVos founded the Dick and Betsy DeVos family Foundation in 1989. The mission of the organisation is to support and provide for the education and art in the United States of America and also to help communities and social justice. So far, the DeVos organization has raised more than $13 million for charity. As a couple, Betsy and Dick DeVos have donated more than 150 million dollars to all kinds of charitable causes so far. A large number of institutions in America have benefited from the Foundation of the DeVos family as well as from Dick and Betsy individually. Donations have received the School of Missionary Aviation Technology, Cornell University’s Weill Cornell Medical Center, University of Maryland College Park Foundation, Success Academy Charter Schools, a Christian school located in Grand Rapids in Michigan, and much more.

Elizabeth’s husband, Richard DeVos comes from a family that has been dedicated to making an impact through philanthropy work for decades starting with his great grandfather. He currently runs the Amway Corporation and is the President of the family company. He is a very skilled entrepreneur and has several successful startup companies.

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