How Sawyer Howitt Plans To Shake Up The World Of Retail

Sawyer Howitt is a project manager at Portland, Oregon-based Meriwether Group. Meriwether Group is a team of entrepreneurs who help other entrepreneurs accelerate their business growth and development. Sawyer Howitt works as a Project Manager and his focus is on revolutionizing the world of retail. Sawyer Howitt recognizes that how retail works is very inefficient as, in order to purchase things, people have to stand in lines in order to have their goods rung up by a cashier.


How Sawyer Howitt plans to change the face of retail is to make use of RFID technology in order to remove the need to do the traditional checking out of a store routine. Instead, you’ll be able to simply leave the store and have your purchases charged due to cutting-edge RFID technology installed in the retail store.

Outside of his work, Sawyer enjoys fishing, music, and photography. Other interests include following the Portland Trail Blazers.