The Impressive Career of Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar, president and board chairperson of Trucept, developed his website where he updates everything about himself. Via his, anyone desiring to have a broader understanding of the financial expert regarding his career and life can comfortably do so. By volunteering his personal information at this rate, Brian is one of the most understood and accessible public figures.

His impressive professional life maybe the reason why the Dalrada Financial Group CEO does not shy away from making his life public. In 2010, Brian made it to the top four Cambridge’s annual list of who is who in recognition of his academic excellence and impeccable achievements in his leadership role at Dalrada.

Of the four who is who finalists, Brian emerged at the top of the list, taking home the coveted award of the Executive of the Year in Finance.

Brian’s Career

Brian Bonar’s presence in the American financial industry spans more than 30 years. Combining this experience abundance with commitment and hard work, Brian Bonar becomes the most decorated financial expert in the U.S. today.

His record at Dalrada Financial Group is nothing short of magnificent, with an unmatched performance legacy. Under his wise leadership, the financial advisory firm has launched and managed numerous employee programs for its ever expanding clientele.

The firm has further helped its clients, who are mostly corporate companies, to optimize business efficiency by training their staff members. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

According to White Pages, Brian Bonar has also been instrumental in the development of a customized service system where every client’s needs are attended to in a unique approach, customized specifically for those needs.

The company has been making significant strides towards becoming the leading financial firm in the country by helping its clients to manage their assets and to utilize their finances in a more optimal way.

About Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar trained as a mechanical engineer, but he has spent most of his life serving in different executive roles at different companies. His first executive job in a known corporation was as a procurement manager at IBM. From IBM, QMS hired him to serve as its director of engineers.

After four successful years, Bonar relinquished this position and went ahead to assume an even higher role of VP Sales and Marketing Department at Rastek Corporation. It’s while in this role that he was introduced to the printing industry.

When he left Rastek, Bonar secured a job at Adaptec as a sales manager. It is during his career at Adaptec that Bonar started making inroads to the printing field. He created contacts with some notable figures in printer manufacturing.

Brian established his first firm, Bezier Systems, in 1994. Since then, Brian has developed and managed several other companies, including Dalrada Financial Group and AMS Outsourcing.