Rick Smith: The Man behind the Success of Securus

Mr. Richard A. Smith is a 65 year old who is both the president and Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies Inc., a position he has held since June 23, 2008. He has an associate of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering, which he acquired from the Rochester Institute of Technology, and a bachelor’s degree in the same course from the State University of New York found in Buffalo. Mr. Smith later acquired a Masters in Mathematics from the State University of New York located at Brockport, then shifted to the University of Rochester’s Simon School where he acquired a Master’s in Business Administration.

Rick Smith has built his experience by working in so many places. He worked as Chief Financial Officer of Eschelon Telecom Inc. as from October 1998 whereas from April 2000 to August 2003, he served as president, and after which he was promoted to Chief Executive Officer up to August 2007. At Frontier Corp, which is now known as Global Crossing, he was the president of Financial Management from April 1997 up to October the following year and also had other responsibilities such as the chief executive officer, controller, vice president of Midwest Telephone operator, director of business development and vice president of financial management as well as plant operations director. Read more about Rick on Bloomberg.com.

For sure, most people know Rick Smith as the CEO of Securus Technologies, which gives leading criminal and civil justice technology solutions. The solutions are of help to many law enforcement, public safety and correction agencies who all enjoy the services of the company. It is made even more accessible by its headquarter location in Dallas, from which about 1.2 million people from all over Northern America can enjoy its services. One can be assured of good customer service delivered through the many designers, thinkers, technologists and engineers that Rick supervises. In many ways, Securus is committed to connect and serve by providing communication, inmate self-service, product and service monitoring, information management, emergency response, incident management and public information.

Time and again, Rick has defended the integrity of his company in many ways. Speaking in an interview, he defended the reputation of the company explaining that it was a community service and further revealed the efforts put in place to prevent spread of malicious activities via the communications provided. Through that, Smith said that the company was better than being a doctor in that they saved many lives. He also denied claims that the company overcharged their clients, saying that most of the money collected was given to law enforcement departments, and to keep himself in business, he was forced to raise the prices. As the phone calls are monitored, investigators find the information passed through the communications useful, as many people tend to admit their crimes on call.

Learn more: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/securus-corrects-inaccuracies-in-global-tel-links-gtl-press-release-300282563.html

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