Securus Technologies Keeping Drugs from Prisoners

Drugs in the hands of inmates can put the entire prison population at risk. I’m a corrections officer in a very crowded prison, and adding the element of drugs into the jail makes a very dangerous environment a deadly one. Although my team works very hard to keep all sorts of contraband out of the jail, these inmates have become quite crafty at getting the things they want into their cells. Little did we know earlier this year that Securus Technologies was going to help us to put a huge dent in the drug problem at our prison.


Visitors to our prison are warned that if they try to bring anything into the facility, they risk spending time in their own jail cell. One of the issues we have to struggle with daily is that many gang members will have no trouble smuggling in drugs to their fellow gang members in jail because if caught, they wear it like a badge of honor and earn the respect of the high-ranking gang members in jail. With nothing to lose, these street soldiers will take the risk because the rewards are worth the effort.


Securus Technologies was on site earlier this year to install an updated inmate communication call monitoring system. The system we had was dated, requiring officers to be on the calls and trying to collect information in real-time.


Now we had a system that could do the job of several officers, being able to identify chatter about drugs and helping us to stop the flow instantly. In one week we discovered information from those calls about inmates hiding drugs around the jail, using drugs once the lights went out, and which inmates were ordering others to sell drugs and kick back the money to these higher-ranking inmates who hid in the shadows.


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