Lime Crime’s Doe Deere – Controversial or Visionary?

Doe Deere is a visionary that has always done things a bit differently. She is a hugely successful entrepreneur that founded funky brand Lime Crime. She’s been named by Self Made Magazine as one of the world’s top most inspiring female entrepreneurs and her company Lime Crime has built a fan of followers that can only be described as a highly supportive cult of women throughout the world that want to express themselves through bright makeup.


After moving to the United States from Russia at an early age, Doe Deere had multiple career paths before eventually becoming unafraid of launching what she was truly passionate about: Lime Crime. Even the name of her company shows how she simply does things differently. Her makeup company was founded out of her true passion for wanting to celebrate her inner self through brightly colored makeup that may not have met the modern trends of natural makeup tones, but meant a great deal to her.


Lime Crime took off nearly immediately. her dream resonated with women everywhere and her products are treasured by her customers. In fact, they have honored Doe Deere with the name “Queen of the Unicorns.” She gives light to women everywhere to be confident enough to break the mold and express themselves in a way that will make them happy. She is known for her gorgeously painted face that utilizes Lime Crime’s all natural products on her porcelain skin and her always evolving rainbow haircolor that makes her one in a crowd of a million.


She was recently featured in an article on how a “controversial” woman like her launched such a successful brand.


As the world evolves and women move away from desk life and launch their own companies, Doe Deere gave great advice on how to succeed in today’s market.


First and foremore, she places emphasis on following your true passion. There is that inner voice that helps your eyes and heart light up. Many other people may tread on your dreams, but Doe recommends thinking about the pure joy your heart will feel when you follow your one true calling. Learn more:


Next, she talks about polishing the skill set that you were either born with or have cultivated. The process is a constantly evolving one, but there is always that skill set that aligns with your true passion. She then moves on to recommend tackling problems that arise in a straightforward fashion, using analytical skills to overcome inevitable hurdles of following your dreams. Learn more:


Finally, she recommends taking the time to find the value in learning from others and to take risks in what you are passionate about. Many people see other successful entrepreneurs as barries when they can be true vehicles for learning and enhancing your own skill set.


By putting this phenomenal article full of advice out, we can learn from the success Doe Deere has seen with Lime Crime. It’s always helpful to get a sneak peak inside the mind of a successful female entrepreneur and Lime Crime’s high quality makeup is a brand we can all take good notes on!


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