Securus Technologies: A Leader In Inmate Communications Services

Securus Technologies is a company that offers top-tier communications services to inmates across the country. The company is operational in numerous locations across America and provides its services to thousands of inmates who are in these facilities. Securus Technologies is known for the kind of technology that they use and tries its best to upgrade it on a regular basis. The company implements this technology and offers it through the numerous services that they provide. The company offers a range of voice and video calling options to prisons who want and can implement their services. The inmates are allowed to use these services, provided that they pay the amount for it from accounts which can be managed by them or their friends and family on the outside.


Securus Technologies has come a long way in its sector and has grown incredibly to become the leader that it is today. The company underwent a massive change in 2008 when it experienced a merger. The company that it merged with was T-Netix, which was at the time, also one of the top communications providers in the country. The merger brought both the companies together, thus helping it take on the sector as one large unit. Today, Securus Technologies has managed to expand its reach to more significant avenues and is even operational in prisons outside the United States.


The person who brought the two companies together was Rick Smith, who also aided the overall growth of the corporation. When the time came to pick the new CEO of the company, Smith was the best choice and was given the title. Smith is still the CEO of the company today, and using his technological knowledge coupled with his skill has been able to guide the company to a better position in the industry.



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