NewsWatch TV: Providing Quality Reviews for Your Campaigns

Owned by the Bridge Communications, NewsWatch is
headquartered in Washington, DC. This award-winning show started in 1990 and focuses
on technology, finance, consumer news, electronics, entertainment, businesses, and
even medical and government news, among others.

With over 10,000 unique stories on different fields of
interest, NewsWatch TV is a trusted source of information by people from all
walks of life. Hosted by Andrew Tropeano along with Amanda Forstrom, Eric
Forrest, and Susan Bridges, NewsWatch TV continues to bring interesting and
breaking news to people everywhere—both on TV and online.

Another thing that NewsWatch TV does is with regards to
helping businesses, organizations, and individuals achieve success by providing
unbiased reviews and testimonials. NewsWatch TV has worked with big companies
like Intel, Casio, Siemens, Sony, and Audi, but gives equal attention to
business startups and smaller groups.

One company that NewsWatch TV has recently helped greatly is
the Saygus Smartphone Campaign. They were able to use NewsWatch TV to promote
their brand at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and their Indiegogo

Saygus, which produces smartphones in the US, sought the
assistance of NewsWatch TV through reviews that were aired online and on
national TV. NewsWatch TV produced a film which was viewed by people from all
over, not just the US.

Tim Rush, the vice president of Saygus, simply had only
positive things to say regarding NewsWatch TV reviews. Accordingly, the film produced
by NewsWatch TV was highly professional, such that he would recommend it to
anyone. It contained the right message that Saygus wanted their consumers to
hear, making it possible for the company to drive their sales in a faster and
better way.

Because of this, Saygus and their Indiegogo campaign were able to dramatically reach their goal of
$300,000. What’s more, they exceeded this by being able to raise more than $1.3

Much like all the other companies that worked with NewsWatch
TV, the positive review from Saygus can only be attributed to the
professionalism of the team. That, and being able to come up with reviews that make consumers understand a product, service,
(or anything) in their own language.

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