Securus Technologies: Aiding Society And Their Safety Through Inmate Monitoring Services

Securus Technologies is a company that stands out for being one of the tops in the field of prison communications. Ever since the company underwent a merger in 2008, they have blossomed into a company that truly stands out in the area of cancer research. Today, Securus Technologies stands as one of the leading providers of prison communications technology. Securus Technologies is currently being headed by Rick Smith, who was one of the notable people who played a part in the merger that the company went through. He has worked hard to continually improve Securus Technologies and bring it to the high position that it currently possesses in the industry.


The company has worked to provide a vast range of communication services to inmates in prisons across the United States, More and more prisons are opting to switch to the services that Securus Technologies provides, because of the efficiency that comes along with it. Currently, Securus Technologies is operational at over a hundred prisons in Canada and the United States.


In addition to offering services in communications, the company also offers monitoring services to prisons who opt to ally with them. The monitoring services have been of a massive help to prisons, and have enabled them to maintain a better track of all the inmates in their prisons. The company has also assisted judiciary with the monitoring services that they have provided, which has helped significantly in maintaining public safety. All of the facilities that Securus Technologies implements in prisons has in build recording features. All of the calls that go through the Securus Technologies’ phone lines are monitored and recorded for future use. The recordings that Securus Technologies has used have been produced in judiciaries to make cases for or against the inmates. Overall, the monitoring system has been incredibly efficient. More and more prisons are opting to go in for this monitoring technology that Securus Technologies offers because of how much it improves the efficiency of inmate monitoring.


Because of the monitoring of all the calls that went to and from the prisons, inmates tried to seek other ways to communicate without having someone monitor their talks. The number of cellphone contrabands increased significantly, and inmates started using this instead of the official prison calling services. To tackle the issue of contraband, Securus Technologies installed network jammers across prisons so that they won’t be able to make calls, thereby rendering their contraband ineffective.


Through the services that they offer, Securus Technologies has been a tremendous service to society. They have allowed inmates to have easy access to their friends and family on the outside, and have also enabled these communications to be monitored to keep the society safe and away from people who want to partake in illegal activities.



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