Stream Energy Offers Power To Eighth State In Growing Business

Stream Energy, which revolutionized the energy industry with their direct to the consumer sales model, has expanded its energy operations to the state of Illinois. By entering a very large energy market in northern Illinois, Stream Energy will be able to immediately reduce rates of current customers at a minimum of 2% and in some cases more when compared to their previous power provider. Read more at about Stream Energy. The Stream Energy team is very excited to be entering such a great market and looks forward to providing customers with the highest level of service for the lowest possible prices. Typically, in any business, the more hands that a product passes through causes its price to the final consumer to go up.


If the middle man or men are cut out, the original seller can sell the product or service directly to the consumer for a lower price. This is exactly the overarching business model that has allowed Stream Energy to provide power directly to customers without having to raise their own prices to make a profit. In addition to Illinois, Stream Energy offers direct sales power to 6 other states including New York, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Maryland, Texas, New Jersey as well as the Washington D.C. area. Offered in all 50 states, Stream Energy provides a variety of other services. These services include wireless internet, protective services and home services. Even though the company is only 12 years old it has grown quickly because of its unique direct sales model and extremely positive customer feedback throughout its short lifetime. The company began in Dallas in one of the most unique states in regards to energy and power production. Texas is on its own electrical grid whereas the rest of the United States is divided up into the western grid and the eastern grid. This unique area provides an extremely fortuitous opportunity for energy companies to build their business and then expand to other parts of the United States. Power and energy are one of the largest monthly costs to some consumers but with companies like Stream Energy, that will likely be changing in the near future. Follow Stream Energy on Linkedin.

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