Mr. Marc Sparks – A Great Entrepreneur And A Philanthropist

Mr. Marc Sparks is considered to be an excellent businessman. He has done his graduation from Austin in Texas and has been instrumental in various startups. He has got 34 years of experience in the business He has set an example for others so that people can learn from his experiences.



Mr. Marc Sparks mentions that God gives as many so we can know the tasks that bear fruit with success. Mr. Sparks is very passionate to create the firms and has many portfolio companies in his equity firm.



He wants to make a business model and a company culture. He has got short term and long term growth plans. Marc depends on qualities like trust, focus, passion, and monetization. He thinks that one can be successful if he or she possesses these qualities.



Mr. Sparks is a great businessman and also an owner of the private company, and he serves the entrepreneurs in creating new businesses into great firms that generate lots of revenue.



The whole procedure of initiating a business starts with creating a business model and getting the resources to make sure there is the total success. He has got quality and a great work atmosphere that is important for one to be successful.



Several firms are highly successful, and Mr. Sparks has discovered that there is a flow in the office that is needed to enhance the participation and the result. Mr. Spark exhibits some failures and successes and also the path to learning the facts of the business.



Mr. Sparks has got some firms and provides them training and great entry to the various resources such as capital, marketing, banking and office space. Mr. Spark has got a great passion for assisting others in getting a home in Texas.



Mr. Spark showed some interest in a life-saving project in the late 80’s. Mr. Spark is very passionate and is actively involved in the Habitat for Humanity. He has assisted in developing many homes. Mr. Spark has been a great advocate of some of the magnet high schools. He has been instrumental in providing many new computers to the children to assist them in eradicating their poverty.



Mr. Spark is an able person. He gets his thrill from hiking, fishing, hunting, golf, and biking. Mr. Spark relies upon competitiveness in business and sports. He has traveled all over the world in just 23 days. He has gone to great places like Agra, China, India, and Tibet. Mr. Spark mentions that he inspired from the ideas of travel.



Mr. Marc Sparks is a serial businessman and a great philanthropist too. He transforms his new concepts into business. He has written a book; They Can’t Eat You meant for a businessperson to assist others in getting the path to be successful.

Rick Smith: The Man behind the Success of Securus

Mr. Richard A. Smith is a 65 year old who is both the president and Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies Inc., a position he has held since June 23, 2008. He has an associate of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering, which he acquired from the Rochester Institute of Technology, and a bachelor’s degree in the same course from the State University of New York found in Buffalo. Mr. Smith later acquired a Masters in Mathematics from the State University of New York located at Brockport, then shifted to the University of Rochester’s Simon School where he acquired a Master’s in Business Administration.

Rick Smith has built his experience by working in so many places. He worked as Chief Financial Officer of Eschelon Telecom Inc. as from October 1998 whereas from April 2000 to August 2003, he served as president, and after which he was promoted to Chief Executive Officer up to August 2007. At Frontier Corp, which is now known as Global Crossing, he was the president of Financial Management from April 1997 up to October the following year and also had other responsibilities such as the chief executive officer, controller, vice president of Midwest Telephone operator, director of business development and vice president of financial management as well as plant operations director. Read more about Rick on

For sure, most people know Rick Smith as the CEO of Securus Technologies, which gives leading criminal and civil justice technology solutions. The solutions are of help to many law enforcement, public safety and correction agencies who all enjoy the services of the company. It is made even more accessible by its headquarter location in Dallas, from which about 1.2 million people from all over Northern America can enjoy its services. One can be assured of good customer service delivered through the many designers, thinkers, technologists and engineers that Rick supervises. In many ways, Securus is committed to connect and serve by providing communication, inmate self-service, product and service monitoring, information management, emergency response, incident management and public information.

Time and again, Rick has defended the integrity of his company in many ways. Speaking in an interview, he defended the reputation of the company explaining that it was a community service and further revealed the efforts put in place to prevent spread of malicious activities via the communications provided. Through that, Smith said that the company was better than being a doctor in that they saved many lives. He also denied claims that the company overcharged their clients, saying that most of the money collected was given to law enforcement departments, and to keep himself in business, he was forced to raise the prices. As the phone calls are monitored, investigators find the information passed through the communications useful, as many people tend to admit their crimes on call.

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The Role of Mike Baur in the Success of Swiss Startups

Mike Baur is an innovative businessperson who is based in Switzerland. He is highly appreciated for the excellent efforts that he makes to ensure that ICT-based startups are successful in the corporate world. Baur established a company that is known as Swiss Startup Factory and has been using it in accelerating the growth of various businesses. He is the M.D of the company and has been leading most of its activities. Baur is also highly experienced in Switzerland’s private banking sector. He spent more than ten years in the industry and worked for companies such as Clariden Leu and UBS. Mike then resigned in 2014 to work with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer in the establishment of the Swiss Startup Factory. The company has been dedicated to supporting high potential entrepreneurs by inspiring and financing them.


Baur has once chosen by the START Summiteer to serve as one of the members of its jury during an event that was held at the University of St Gallen. The primary goal of the conference was to act as a competition between different startup businesses. Mike has assisted several young entrepreneurs in growing their businesses in the corporate world. He links them with various funding partners who also guide them on how they can be successful. The Swiss Startup Factory currently works with CTI, and therefore, the company chose Mike to act as the deputy managing director of CTI Investments. Baur’s company is also in partnership with Goldbach Group. The affiliations that he creates help in funding the firm’s acceleration programs.


The involvement of Mike Baur in the banking industry has significantly supported his success as an entrepreneur. The sector offered him an opportunity to interact with several investors and business leaders who have played a significant role in the growth of the Swiss Startup Factory. Baur’s first employer was UBS, and he served the firm as a commercial apprentice. He worked hard, and this enabled him to become one of the executives of a top bank in Switzerland. Mike has developed a passion for his current career. He has also been offering tremendous support to businesses that have already been established but have failed to grow due to lack of capital. As the head of the acceleration programs at the Swiss Startup Factory, Baur sources for funds from various private investors so as to keep running. The company is the first privately funded startup accelerator that has been established in Switzerland.


U.S Money Reserve, Reaches New Customers With New Mediums

Investing money into gold is something that a lot of people have been doing for generations, considering how safe an option this kind of investment can be. Investments have a particular risk to reward ratio which depends on how big of a risk one would ideally want to take. However, when it comes to investing in gold or precious metals, that risk is significantly reduced.

Because there is only a limited amount of gold and silver in the world, the price of them is always on a steady incline. If someone buys gold or a gold bond for that matter, they can expect to reap profits soon enough because they will be able to sell it at a cost that is higher than what they bought it for.

Since their establishment, the U.S Money Reserve has always been the top choice for people who are looking to invest in gold, silver or even platinum. Over the years, the company has grown extensively and even expanded their customer base outside of where their main offices are.

The U.S Money Reserve strives always to help people with regards to this kind of investment and stands to advise them to give them the best plan of action to see the fruits of their investment.

According to US Money Reserve, the advisors at U.S Money Reserve are trained to offer their clients the best solutions for their need and also guide them through the entire process of acquiring gold and silver bonds. Any customer who is coming to the U.S Money Reserve can be assured that all their questions will be answered and they will be tended to, to the best of their staff’s abilities.

Over the years, the U.S Money Reserve has grown tremendously, increasing their customer base each year. The company even recently launched their website to reach clients who are living in different parts of the country and being able to offer their services to them.

In their venture to expand and attract more audiences, IN 2016, the U.S Money Reserve decided to launch their direct television show titled the ‘2016 Gold Summit’ which was hosted by Larry King. The show spans over twenty minutes and hosts a panel of people who are extremely well versed in the field of gold and silver investments, who give their views and opinions to the public, speaking about the benefits of this kind of investment.

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Get to Know about Bruce Levenson’s and His Investment in 3 Minutes

Bruce Levenson was born in October 1949 in Washington DC. He is a businessman, philanthropist and he previously owned an NBA team. Bruce served as a governor for the Hawks from 2004. He is married to Karen Boyarsky with whom he has three children.

Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta Hawks LLC, formerly Atlanta Spirit LLC, was formed in the year 2004 so as to buy them from Turner Broadcasting. The then majority co-owners, Bruce and Peskowitz also included the Atlanta Thrashers but later sold it in 2011.

In late 2014 Bruce declared his intentions to sell his ownership shares and organized the sale with assistance from the investment firm. His ownership came to an end in April 2015 after his shares and rights to operate were bought by Tony Ressler.

United Communications Group

In 1977 Bruce Levenson, alongside Ed Peskowitz, formed the United Communications Group (UCG) their first publication was Oil Express a newsletter that focused on growth in the oil business. In time, they launched databases such as OPS (Oil Price Information), acquired more newsletters.

Presently, the company specializes in analyses, data, and news for sectors such as mortgage banking, technology, energy and many more sectors.

UCG also operates and owns Gasbuddy an application that assists drivers school to locate local gas stations with low prices.

Bruce Levenson Philanthropic Works

Bruce has been involved in different philanthropic and charitable organizations. According to PR News, one is the funding of University of Maryland. The purpose of the initiative is to expose undergraduates in the university to volunteer work and non-profit initiatives.

Levenson and his spouse introduced their agenda to the University and funded the $75M initiative. Maryland’s State boosted them with an impressive $20M.

The primary goals of the Institute are:

  • Educate students and motivate them to give back
  • Train non-profit leaders of the next generation

The initiative has seen much success in their goal to create non-profit entrepreneurs such as the co-founder of FRN (Food Recovery Network), Ben Simon.

Mr. Simon has gone ahead and started Imperfect Produce which helps consumers access generate seen unfit for sale at high discounts aimed at reducing waste.

The Impressive Career of Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar, president and board chairperson of Trucept, developed his website where he updates everything about himself. Via his, anyone desiring to have a broader understanding of the financial expert regarding his career and life can comfortably do so. By volunteering his personal information at this rate, Brian is one of the most understood and accessible public figures.

His impressive professional life maybe the reason why the Dalrada Financial Group CEO does not shy away from making his life public. In 2010, Brian made it to the top four Cambridge’s annual list of who is who in recognition of his academic excellence and impeccable achievements in his leadership role at Dalrada.

Of the four who is who finalists, Brian emerged at the top of the list, taking home the coveted award of the Executive of the Year in Finance.

Brian’s Career

Brian Bonar’s presence in the American financial industry spans more than 30 years. Combining this experience abundance with commitment and hard work, Brian Bonar becomes the most decorated financial expert in the U.S. today.

His record at Dalrada Financial Group is nothing short of magnificent, with an unmatched performance legacy. Under his wise leadership, the financial advisory firm has launched and managed numerous employee programs for its ever expanding clientele.

The firm has further helped its clients, who are mostly corporate companies, to optimize business efficiency by training their staff members. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

According to White Pages, Brian Bonar has also been instrumental in the development of a customized service system where every client’s needs are attended to in a unique approach, customized specifically for those needs.

The company has been making significant strides towards becoming the leading financial firm in the country by helping its clients to manage their assets and to utilize their finances in a more optimal way.

About Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar trained as a mechanical engineer, but he has spent most of his life serving in different executive roles at different companies. His first executive job in a known corporation was as a procurement manager at IBM. From IBM, QMS hired him to serve as its director of engineers.

After four successful years, Bonar relinquished this position and went ahead to assume an even higher role of VP Sales and Marketing Department at Rastek Corporation. It’s while in this role that he was introduced to the printing industry.

When he left Rastek, Bonar secured a job at Adaptec as a sales manager. It is during his career at Adaptec that Bonar started making inroads to the printing field. He created contacts with some notable figures in printer manufacturing.

Brian established his first firm, Bezier Systems, in 1994. Since then, Brian has developed and managed several other companies, including Dalrada Financial Group and AMS Outsourcing.

Rick Shinto: Propelling InnovaCare to Greater Heights

Quality health care and affordable health plans are at the core of InnovaCare. Aspiring to be the best in the medical industry, InnovaCare has introduced innovative plans.

The Company has played a major role in changing the medical sector. InnovaCare operates two different healthcare plans in Puerto Rico. They have the MMM and the PMC Medicare Choice. InnovaCare has a network of Partners who are helping the Company to achieve their goal of redefining health care sector.

The Company has also been charged with the responsibility of managing the two Medicaid Plans under the Government Health Plan which offers broader coverage.

Through the different plans that they have, InnovaCare has grown to be a leader in the industry. Rick Shinto is the instigator of helping the Company to attain its goals. Rick has been serving as a part of an excellent leadership team. Penelope Kokkinides has played a significant role in the growth of the Company. Penelope serves as the Chief Operating Officer and the Chief Administrative Officer of the Company. Read more about Rick Shinto at

Rick Shinto professional career

Rick is the current Chief Executive Officer and the President of InnovaCare. Before joining InnovaCare, Rick was serving as the President and the C.E.O of Aveta. He served in the Company until 2012 when the Company was sold. Penelope Kokkinides also served Aveta as the Chief Operating Officer. She was also the Vice President of the Clinical Operations at the Company.

Penelope has over 20 years of experience in health care and has extensive in developing clinical programs.

Rick Shinto medical career began 20 years ago as a pulmonologist operating in Southern Carolina. In the course of his career, Rick has served in various capacities in different companies. Before joining Aveta, Rick was working with the NAMM California as the Chief Medical Officer.

He also acted as the Chief Medical Officer and Chief Operating Officer of the Medical Pathways. Rick was involved with the Cal Optima Health Plan as the Chief Medical Officer.

Rick holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of California. He also attained his medical degree from the State University of New York. Rick attended the University of Redlands and received Master in Business Administration. He is an author of various articles and has published journals related to health care and clinical medicine.

Because of his outstanding professional contributions to the medical world, Rick was the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of 2012. Read more about Rick on Businesswire.

How Sawyer Howitt Plans To Shake Up The World Of Retail

Sawyer Howitt is a project manager at Portland, Oregon-based Meriwether Group. Meriwether Group is a team of entrepreneurs who help other entrepreneurs accelerate their business growth and development. Sawyer Howitt works as a Project Manager and his focus is on revolutionizing the world of retail. Sawyer Howitt recognizes that how retail works is very inefficient as, in order to purchase things, people have to stand in lines in order to have their goods rung up by a cashier.


How Sawyer Howitt plans to change the face of retail is to make use of RFID technology in order to remove the need to do the traditional checking out of a store routine. Instead, you’ll be able to simply leave the store and have your purchases charged due to cutting-edge RFID technology installed in the retail store.

Outside of his work, Sawyer enjoys fishing, music, and photography. Other interests include following the Portland Trail Blazers.


Litigation Process A Lengthy Battle But Karl Heideck Can Help

Karl Heideck Can Help
Karl Heideck can help you and your litigation case

Litigation is process involving civil lawsuits, which arise out of issues raised between people, businesses, and even government entities. Litigation follows a certain path involving pleadings, discovery, trial, and occasionally an appeal. During the litigation process, either side can stop it by settling at any time.

The first phase in the litigation process is called the “pleadings” phase. This phase explains both party’s side of the legal dispute. The pleading phase begins with the plaintiff filing a complaint with the court and formally sending a copy to the defendant.

The defendant responds with an “answer” which gives the defendant’s side of the dispute. At this time he also has the opportunity to file a counter-claim against the plaintiff, saying the defendant has caused harm and should be held liable for that harm.

The second phase is discovery. Discovery is the stage, where parties gather pertinent information from each other or from other sources. This is the time where both sides will work to determine the merits of claims and defenses.

Following discovery, the parties involved with file motions, with the hopes of convincing the court to rule or act in a certain way, but also to request clarification of procedural disputes between the two sides. The final stage is the actual trial. Both parties present evidence supporting their claims or defenses to a jury and judge. One well known litigation lawyer is Karl Heideck.

Karl Heideck is a lawyer who has more than 10 years experience specializing in risk management and compliance practices. He also is skilled in legal writing, commercial litigation and employment law. Karl Heideck has hands on experience with the entire litigation process.

Heideck will continue his work in Pennsylvania while working to build up his reputation as one of the best litigators in the area. Karl Heideck has become board certified and licensed for the last seven years in Philadelphia.

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George Soros Calls For Global Governance

George Soros is the view that all our constructs have some flaw or another. Hence communism, as well as free enterprise, is deficient. But these flaws can be cured by taking a few elements from the other one.

He is looking at a global welfare structure. There need to be collective interests which should transcend all state boundaries. This way the sovereignty of states will get subordinated under the realms of international law as well as other international institutions. He also noticed that the greatest opposition coming to this idea is from the United States of America.

George Soros knows that the United States is basically determining the policies for the world. This is where American leadership has to take into account others as well by respecting their interests too. This is the only way to retain the dominant position that is currently being enjoyed by America. Read his profile at Forbes.

George Soros calls for an increase in foreign influence in various matters of American political life. He believes in a concept of global governance rather than the constitutional sovereignty of various independent nations. This is required as the problems of the world are too challenging, complex as well as deep-rooted. Hence any single country cannot address these effectively on its own. There has to be a set of supranational laws as well as institutions. The authority of these has to override any particular government.

George Soros believes that taxes must be inherently desirable during good times as well as bad times. Even during a prolonged downturn, lawmakers should not allow for tax cuts as that would only make the recession deepen still further. He is consistent with his funding priorities that he has been pursuing through his Open Society Institute. The organizations that are bankrolled by Open Society Institute favor high taxes in order to help a government-run welfare state to expand still further.

Soros is against any proposals to lower or even do away with the estate tax as it is not interfering with the creation of wealth. Besides, it helps to enhance social equality.

George Soros is an avid supporter of cap-and-trade. This is a tax based policy proposal that will reduce Americans’ consumption of fossil fuels like coal, oil, as well as natural gas. This would boost the nation’s transition towards alternate forms of energy like wind power and solar power. Under these cap-and-trade regulations, those companies would be subject to taxes that exceed their limit for CO2 emissions as specified by the government.

George Soros is following his concepts through Open Society Institute. These are aimed at democracies that are accountable to their citizens. They have to be based on a principle of global justice for all, anywhere in the world!

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